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Blooming Sustainability

Galaxy's 'Blooming Sustainability' theme embodies a promise to the planet, resonating with the nurturing of a garden that blossoms responsibly. It's a metaphor for our commitment to sustainable growth, where we flourish by adopting and promoting practices that respect and replenish the environment. This theme reflects our belief that a business, much like a flower, can only thrive when it's rooted in ethical and ecological practices. It's a declaration of our dedication to creating a future where sustainability is not just an aspiration but a reality, ensuring that every step we take towards progress also takes into account the well-being of our environment and communities. 'Blooming Sustainability' is our pledge to a world that grows sustainably, with every initiative we undertake being a petal contributing to the bloom of a healthier, greener planet.

About the Report

At Galaxy Surfactants, our journey towards sustainability has always been guided by a profound commitment to ethical practices, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility. We believe that this transparency fosters trust among our stakeholders, enabling them to better understand our actions, motivations, and the impact we have on the world around us.

The release of our 12th Sustainability Report prepared in accordance with GRI Consolidated Standards 2021, serves as a reflection of both our past achievements and a declaration of our future ambitions. Entities Included in Sustainability Reporting are Galaxy Surfactants Limited, Galaxy Chemicals S.A.E, and TRI-K. Our material topics have been identified through stakeholder engagement process.


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"Blooming Sustainability" captures our pledge to a sustainable world where we thrive with responsible practices.

Over the past year, we are proud to have achieved key milestones in our environmental and social initiatives such as reducing our carbon footprint and increasing the representation of women in our workforce.

As we look at the future, we recognize that there is a lot more to do, and we remain steadfast in our dedication to making a positive impact on the environment and society. We pledge to continue setting ambitious goals and working collaboratively with all our stakeholders to achieve them.

U. SHEKHAR Managing Director
Value Creation Model
Women in workforce
Great place to
work certified
New hire in workforce
₹ 3.22Cr
Investment in Safety, Health and Environment
Women in new hire
CSR beneficiaries
₹ 381 Cr
₹ 4,445.25 Cr
Revenue from operations
₹ 578 Cr
₹ 12.70 Cr
Expenses on Innovation and R/D
Y-o-Y increase in Revenue
Y-o-Y increase
20.61 %
Renewable Electricity in Indian operations
7800 tCO2e
Avoided due to utilization of solar energy
Renewable electricity in Global operations
Recycled water used in Indian operations
Recycled water in Global operations
12 megalitres
Rainwater harvested
(MB and SG) Certified
>35000 MT
RSPO MB-certified Raw Materials procured
>65000 tCO2e
avoided due to utilization of RSPO-certified material
Customer Satisfaction Index
new suppliers were screened using environmental and social criteria
of raw materials procured from local suppliers
Awards & Accolades
P&G Supplier Excellence Award for Excellence in Service, Innovation and Value
Unilever Home Care Clean Future Awards 2023 for Technological Innovation
ICC Award 2021 as best compliant company for Emergency response code
CHEMEXCIL Trishul Award 2023 for Outstanding Export Performance for the year 2018-19
CII National Level Platinum award in 3M kaizen in MURI Category
43rd CII National Silver Award in innovative category in Kai-Zen Competition
3rd in The CII Champions' Trophy 2022
CII 23rd National award for Excellence in Energy Management 2022 for implementation of ISO 50001 : 2018 at Taloja
Certificate of Excellence from Baroda Productivity council for Cost reduction in effluent treatment
1st and 3rd Prize in State level fire drill competition from Maharashtra Fire service
43rd CII Gold Award in Kaizen Competition for Elimination of Exposure of Harmful Gases to Human in Innovative Category
44th CII Gold Award in Kaizen Competition for Energy Saving in Innovative Category)
44th CII Platinum Award in Kaizen Competition for Elimination of production downtime & effective candle filter washing in Renovative Category