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The ratio of holdings of the company at different points in the history of the company.

We take initiative for paperless compliances by providing service of document through electronic mode Know More

  • Dividend per share after adjusting for Bonus issue- Over the yearsKnow More
  • List of unpaid dividend and FDKnow More
  • Details of Shares to be transferred to IEPF May 2018Know More

Enabling faster remittance of dividend through "National Electronic Clearing Service".Know More

Galaxy Surfactants Ltd. will hold its 31st AGM on Thursday, 17th August, 2017 at 2.00 p.m. at its registered office in Navi Mumbai.Know More

  • Record date is fixed as 5th August, 2014 for dispatch of Postal Ballot Notice & Forms.
  • Book Closure period is fixed from 5th of September, 2014 to 19th of September, 2014 (both days inclusive) for the purpose of determining entitlement for the payment of dividend for the year ended 31st March, 2014.
  • Notice of Postal Ballot is dispatch to the shareholders by speed post on August 16, 2014. Shareholders are requested to forward the Postal Ballot Form to the Scrutinizer not later than 5.30 p.m. on September 15, 2014.Know More
  • Specimen of Postal Ballot Form.Know More
  • Newspaper advertisement confirming dispatch of Postal Ballot documents.Know More
  • Results of Postal Ballot & Scrutinizer’s Report.Know More
  • Notice to Shareholders to ldoge Share transfer forms before 14th August 2015.Know More
  • Postal Ballot Form.Know More
  • Notice of Postal Ballot.Know More
  • Notice of completion of dispatch of Postal Ballot.Know More
  • AGM Notice for the FY 2014-15Know More
  • Notice of the 29th Annual General MeetingKnow More
  • Postal Ballot ReportKnow More
  • AGM Result on E-voting & PollingKnow More
  • Results of Postal BallotKnow More
  • Postal Ballot Notice 2016 Know More
  • Postal Ballot Form 2016 Know More
  • Notice of Resignation of DirectorKnow More
  • Notice of the 30th AGM and Annual Report for the year 2015-16.Know More
  • Subsidiaries Accounts F.Y. 2015-16Know More
  • Scrutinisers Report Know More
  • AGM Scrutiniser Report Know More
  • Details of Unpaid Dividend F.Y. 2015-16Know More
  • Details of Spl Dividend UnpaidKnow More
  • Notice of the 31st AGM and Annual Report for the year 2016-17.Know More
  • Subsidiaries Accounts F.Y. 2016-17Know More
  • Scrutinizers’ Report AGM 2017.Know More
  • Postal Ballot Notice August 2017Know More
  • Postal Ballot Form August 2017Know More
  • Scrutinizer Report 2017 of Postal Ballot and E-Voting for amendment of ArticlesKnow More
  • Note on familiarisation programme of Independent DirectorsKnow More