Fatty alcohol ethoxylates are available under the Galaxy MW series of products which are anionic surfactants derived from natural fatty alcohols. These anionic surfactants (Ethoxylated lauryl alcohol) are applied in a wide variety of applications and their function is strongly dependent on the chemical composition. The Hydrophilic/ Lipophilic Balance (HLB) determines which non-ionic surfactant is best for a certain application.

Detergents (wetting agents, emulsifiers), personal hygiene products (shampoos, skin softener, foam boosters, Viscosity builders), leather (degreasing, wetting), fabric paints, and agriculture (emulsifiers, spreading out) all use the HLB value to decide their qualities. And all of these characteristics customized via Lauryl alcohol ethoxylate have numerous industrial applications, both commercial and household.

Galaxy Surfactants produces a thorough range of non-ionic fatty alcohol ethoxylates that are custom-made to meet the needs of certain moles and products.


In the detergent business, alkylbenzene sulphonic acids are mostly used to make a detergent cake, dish washing liquid, oil soap, scouring bar, washing, cleaning, and detergent powder. Linear alkylbenzene sulphonates are also used in anionic speciality formulations, increase farming herbicides spray quality, and are used as a mercerizing agent in the fabric sector. These alkylbenzene sulphonic acids also helps to enhance the surface area of distemper.

It is used in tiny amounts with other surfactants as a wetting agent and emulsifier for foamy toilet soaps. Because it works as a highly active substance with low salt content and water, linear alkylbenzene sulfonic acid is used in the manufacture of coupling agents, farming fungus killer, household and industrial cleaners, herbicides and in emulsion polymerization.

Galaxy Surfactants is your ultimate destination for the largest volume synthetic surfactant like linear alkylbenzene sulphonic acids. Reach out to us today and enhance your product as per your requirements!

lauryl alcohol ethoxylate
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