Core Strengths




Transparent & Open, Respect & Value People, Dreaming & Envisioning, Conducting Business with Integrity



Talented Team which proactively meets Complex & Changing Business Needs



Adhering to Global Quality Standards, Supplying Customers Globally, Agile and Nimble Footedness



Respecting our Commitments, Consistent Performance over the years of Timely Delivery and Quality Consistency

Specialty Chemical Company, Galaxy Surfactants

Galaxy Surfactants is a leading specialty chemical company that produces non-ionic, anionic, cationic, amphoteric surfactant and other specialty chemicals serving the Home & Personal Care industry in the domestic as well as the international market in large scale.

Galaxy has been relentlessly serving all customers with increased demand while meeting the ever-changing supply chain dynamics. It is one of the highly recognized and acknowledged global chemical companies in India that has risen sales growth to the next level of growth via project expansions and expected to grow its innovative best-in-class technological manufacturing facilities.

Our philosophy as a specialty chemical company has always been that the people are an organization's most valuable asset. As a result, we consistently nurture talent, induct new skills and competence, and build a solid and effective team capable of turning ambitions into reality. We believe in attaining greatness by anticipating customer demands and using an influential expert team in the field of specialty chemicals manufacturing business to be able to fulfil those demands.

Galaxy Surfactants strives to remain a committed fine specialty chemical company that instil meticulous craftsmanship, ethical manufacturing, high-tech innovation & ingenuity. Galaxy believes in being a partner in the progress of its customers and provides reliable customer service with all technical expertise, beginning with raw materials continuing to innovative solutions in manufacturers in India.

Escalating the market share with a wide range of specialty chemicals, Galaxy Surfactants and its entire team is truly in for bringing a change in chemical industry, both at local and global level.


To be a brand of Global Eminence through best in class value delivery by high quality people.


"Delight customers; Be a Partner of choice, and A Global leader of Surfactants and Specialty Chemicals to the Personal & Home Care Industry with a commitment to a cleaner and safer environment and delivering consistently above average returns to the investors."

Our Values


Mutual Trust
and Respect

Senior & Junior
No Superior &

Openness in
and Dealings

Everyone can
make a difference

Always open for
new ideas and
new solutions

Sharing of

Personal Honesty
and Integrity

Integrity to Self -
Say "I don't know"

to Seniors

Business is

Quality is all
Pervasive - It
includes everything

Whatever one does, one should do it perfectly

Team Working

of People

Our Motto

  • Galaxy Group, promoted by a team of professionals, has the main objective of making profits for growth by tapping opportunities in India and abroad, which challenge the professional competence of people in Galaxy.
  • Galaxy shall fulfil its commitments to society.
  • Galaxy shall provide maximum value to its customers.
  • Galaxy shall continuously build an organization of high-efficient, high-effective, high-performing people, who would be proud of their association with the Group.
  • Galaxy shall make conscious efforts to look after the well being of its people.
  • Galaxy shall strive to achieve leadership in Quality of its products and services.
  • Galaxy shall have research and development of new products and technologies as its major strength.
  • Galaxy shall endeavour to achieve excellence through professionalization of all areas of management.
Galaxy’s Edge

Galaxy’s edge lies in its Innovation. Catering to a broad base of customers with the help of its dynamic workforce, Galaxy today is one of the leading players in the World of surfactants and specialty care ingredients exclusively focussed on the Home and Personal Care Industry – A one of a kind company globally! Galaxy believes in creating value consistently and sustainably by employing the best in class technology without compromising on Integrity, Governance, and the Environment.

People &
Governance &

Innovation is the engine of Galaxy. The company is laser focused on creating sustainable solutions to cater to the ever-changing customer as well as consumer needs.


1750+ Customers in 75+ Countries. Global Supplier to Global Brands with decade old relationships with Global MNCs Present across customers – MNC’s, regional leaders, local niche players and start-ups

People & Management

Galaxy was started by entrepreneurs and that is the ethos of the organization. Galaxy is a group of Experienced, Competent and Passionate individuals striving to achieve greater heights.


State of the art Technology. In-house New Projects Team to understand, setup new and improve the existing plants and technologies

Governance and Integrity

Galaxy believes that business is all about Character. Aiming for success without compromising on the integrity is one of the key values

Value Generation

Galaxy believes in creating value for all its stakeholders in a Sustainable and Consistent manner


Sustainability – the way of Life at Galaxy. All our factories are Zero Liquid Discharge

Exclusive Focus

Core Competence – Expertise and Experience lies in the Home and Personal Care Space. One of a kind company globally which focuses wholly and solely on creating surfactants and Specialty Care Ingredients for the Home and Personal Care Space

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