Group Sustainability Goals 2020

We believe that our goals reflect our determination towards a more sustainable future. We focus extensively towards the areas of climate change: energy, greenhouse gases, renewable energy, tree plantation; water; packaging waste and life cycle assessment.

Energy & Climate Change
We aim to reduce our energy consumption and emission impacting climate.
Reduce energy intensity by 50% at GSL vs FY 2011-12 and by 30% at GCE vs FY 2014-15 by improving efficiency. Increase share of electricity from renewable energy sources by 10% at GSL with base year 2015-16. Reduce GHG constituting of scope 1 & 2 by 35% at GSL vs FY 2012-13 & by 25% at GCE vs FY 2014-15. Introduce afforestation programs as climate change mitigation measures and plant 25000 trees at GSL.
We aim to reduce our water consumption.
Reduce water consumption per metric tonne of production by 80% at GSL with base year 2011-12 & by 50% at GCE with base year 2014-15.
We aim to generate less waste.
Reduce packaging waste generation by 10% at GSL using process of reduction, recycling and reuse of raw material packaging waste with base year 2015-16. Reduce waste generation by 15% at GCE with base year 2014-15.
Energy & Climate Change
We aim to adopt Life Cycle approach to evaluate potential environmental impacts.
Achieve environmentally sound management framework for products and complete Life Cycle Assessment of 40 products.
Sustainability Goals performance
Progress - Sustainability Goals 2020
Sustainability Goals Target for 2020 Achievement 2018-19 (as of 31st March, 2019) Base year
Water Reduction (Intensity), India 80% 57.8% 2011-12
Water Reduction (Intensity), Egypt 50% 41.0% 2014-15
Energy Reduction (Intensity), India 50% 38.5% 2011-12
Energy Reduction (Intensity), Egypt 30% 19.0% 2014-15
GHG Reduction (Intensity), India 35% 24.1% 2012-13
GHG Reduction (Intensity), Egypt 25% 14.0% 2014-15
Packaging Waste Reduction (Intensity) 10% 26.1% 2015-16
Tree Plantation 25000 47271 2015-16
Renewable Energy Share 10% 1.0% 2015-16
Life Cycle Assessment of Products 40 12 2015-16
EcoVadis Rating
Gold Medal (top 5%) for Galaxy Group for year 2020
Galaxy Group CDP Score for 2018
Climate Change : Management Level, B
Water: Management Level, B-
Recertification of Responsible Care Logo for Indian Operations
Supplier Sustainability – Packaging Meet

We organized Packaging Material Supplier Meet to emphasize the importance of Speed, Flexibility & Reliability of packaging materials in business and the Effectiveness of Quality with Zero Defect standards.

CSR & Sustainability Week

We celebrated 2nd CSR & Sustainability Week (Udgam) across all locations in India.

Renewable Energy

Galaxy is committed to increase its share of clean energy as a percentage of the total energy consumption. Galaxy has completed overall around 235 kWp solar installations at its corporate office and manufacturing sites at Taloja and Jhagadia.

Sustainability Report
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