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The fast-growing Global Home Care Market exhibited a 6% growth in 2020 and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 4% in the next five years. The Home Care market has picked up momentum due to rising consciousness towards well-being, safety, sustainability, and hygiene.

Key segments of the Home Care industry include laundry care, Dish Care, Surface Care, and Institutional & Industrial Cleaning.

Galaxy Surfactants Ltd. - One of the leading players in the world of Surfactants and Specialty Care Ingredients, has been catering to the home care industry since its inception. Galaxy is proud to announce the launch of a custom range of ingredients for Home Care needs; Galaxy Hearth - Heart. Home. Earth

Galaxy's Hearth range of home care ingredients results from Customization with Care®, which caters to Home Care solutions across various applications at different price ranges.


The Global Dishwash Market size is expected to grow faster than that of the overall Home Care Market. With increasing demand, the quality of dishwashing products is growing too. We understand that foam, viscosity, and grease-cutting are essential functions of a dishwashing product, and that quality comes from providing a safe, sanitary, and hygienic eating environment.

Galaxy's Hearth range of Dish care ingredients are eco-friendly and sustainable. These ingredients are specially designed for dishwashing products across formats. Galaxy's Hearth range of ingredients caters to the needs of hustlers looking for premium offerings for their automatic dishwashing machines and the value buyers who prefer hand dishwashing products.

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Laundry Care

Laundry Care is the largest category in the Home Care segment. Liquid detergents exhibited a double-digit growth in 2020 globally. Greater consciousness for health, hygiene & environment, development in the fashion industry, and clothes getting more costlier; premium laundry care has especially gained the consumer's attention. Consumers note the functionality of different formats, ingredient sourcing, and the ethical claims of the laundry products they use. Galaxy Hearth readily biodegradable & sustainable offerings comprise innovative solutions for laundry care products that are harsh on stains but mild to the planet.

Surface Care

As it was known to consumers that diseases can spread through viruses living on the surfaces, surface hygiene picked up. The Global Surface Care industry grew by 15% in 2020 alone. This indicates consumer focus on hygiene and wellness. But consumers don't want to clean their homes at the cost of the environment. Sustainable cleaning is, therefore, on the rise.

Galaxy's Hearth range of Home Care ingredient portfolio has a solution for each requirement.

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