Green Catalyst For Amino Acid Surfactants

Galaxy leadership is a force to reckon with, in the Chemistry and offering of a wide range of Amino Acid Surfactants, globally.

Traditionally, the process of manufacture of Fatty Acid Chloride, which is the primary stage in the manufacture of Amino Acid Surfactants, involves the use of catalyst named DMF (N, N-Dimethylformamide), which is listed as a CMR substance in Annexure VI of the CLP Regulation - ECHA -, thereby meaning that it's cancerous.

Therefore the Fatty Acid Chloride manufactured with the help of DMF involves two further steps of manufacturing. Firstly a part of the DMF which is present in Fatty Acid Chloride is removed through physical separation by decantation. As a second step of removal of the balance dissolved DMF, though present at trace levels, the Fatty Acid Chloride is distilled, which helps not only in the removal of DMF, but also in improvement of odour of Fatty Acid Chloride, which is caused by the presence of DMF.

Our R&D at Galaxy used their mastery in Chemistry and came with a breakthrough in Fatty Acid Chloride manufacturing by use of the finished product itself as catalyst. This breakthrough innovation in "Green Chemistry” helps our "Sustainability Agenda" as well as cost efficiency, since we avoid the costs of distillation of the Fatty Acid Chloride as well as the cost of disposal of the bottoms that come out of the distillation. The odour of our Amino Acid Surfactants manufactured through this innovative route of Fatty Acid Chloride is excellent.

This breakthrough "Green Chemistry Process" of manufacture of Fatty Acid Chloride has challenged the Amino Acid Industry globally and has won patents globally for this marvel.

This innovative Green Catalyst Process for the manufacture of the entire family of Amino Acid Surfactants (including, Glycinates, Sarcosinates, Taurates and Glutamates) by Galaxy bears testimony to our innovation capabilities of "Engineering The Art Of Chemistry"

Amino Acid Technology - Manufacturing Process


Sustainable / Green
process / Non Hazardous




Quantitative Conversion
Purification not required
Zero losses


Reduced batch cycle
time / higher productivity /
economy of energy


No waste Generated,
100 % atom economy


This process is applicable
to the ENTIRE amino acid
surfactants family

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