Galaxy understands that 'Innovation' is a vital component of its business strategy, providing a sustainable and long-term competitive advantage to the organization. "Consumer to Chemistry" is the Innovation Philosophy of Galaxy. This Philosophy encourages us to perform proactive research by identifying consumer insights and needs by analysing market trends and by having strategic intellectual tie-ups with our customers. Our study adds value to the 'end consumers, ' resulting in significant growth of our customer's business. Sustainable & Responsible Chemistry is integral to our product and process innovation wherein we follow a holistic approach based on the principles of green chemistry, employing renewable feedstock, and design milder, biodegradable, non-toxic products.

We have a State-of-the-Art, Full-fledged, Galaxy Research Centre located at Navi Mumbai recognized by the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India. Galaxy believes that in a highly diversified global network, concepts generation precedes research.

Galaxy has adopted the Innovation Funnel Model, which comprises of five stages. Through this model, ideas are screened as they progress through different developmental stages before getting converted into successful businesses.

Innovation Funnel
Desire / Need
Market Trends


Product Launch


  • Technology Validation
  • Evaluation of Performance


  • Sustainable Chemistry
  • Process Viability
  • Business Analysis


  • Potential Mapping
  • FTO Search
  • Idea Screening

Pillars of Innovation

A global competent team with multidisciplinary specializations is our Innovation strength. We have Product Synthesis & Analysis, Application Development, Pilot Plant, Personal Care Discovery, Technology and Intellectual Property Research (IPR) teams to undertake Innovation challenges for new products and technologies development.

Over the years, we have garnered and improved upon Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Microbiology, Scale up Technology, Biochemistry, and Patenting competencies. Along with this, we have also developed capabilities in Application Development of ingredients for Hair Care, Skin Care, Sun Care, Oral Care, Baby Care, and Home Care. Through a deep understanding of underlying chemistry together with a profound knowledge of cosmetic science and technology, we develop and commercialize new products that are safe, sustainable and efficacious.

Synthesis & Analysis
Pilot Plant
Intellectual Property
Home Care
Formulation &
Personal Care

Innovation is the most necessary means of staying competitive in the marketplace. An effective way to maintain the long-term competitive edge is to encourage the generation of creative ideas and solutions and protecting them through Intellectual Property Rights. Galaxy has a principle of performing due diligence in its business transactions, including patent landscape, FTO and patentability search.

Our in-house IPR team conducts a "product clearance" investigation by proactively identifying, capturing, studying and scrutinizing patents in the technological area of our products, thereby minimizing the risk of infringement by securing their "Freedom to Operate”. Since 2000, a total of 79 patents have been granted to Galaxy with 14 under application.

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