Syndet Noodles

Use of Syndet bar for mildness in bathing was new to India even till early 2000s. Unilever’s introduction of ‘Dove Bar’ around 1995 created a new premium category with claims such as ‘One fourth moisturizing cream’ in the Indian Soap Bar market. With the increase in awareness over time about the need of skin for mild & gentle cleansing and moisturisation, the consumers started appreciating the importance of the health of Skin and how it can be maintained using the Syndet Bars of low pH.

Having the foresight of the market and consumer trends, coupled with in-house competencies to develop complex application technologies, Galaxy leveraged on the opportunity of making Syndet bases for our customers in international market. Galaxy took this stride into the Syndet world – a platform of opportunities, in early 2000s. Galaxy introduced the Syndet Noodles for the first time in India for the Medicated Derma Segment of Prescription Soaps. Galaxy is the sole supplier of Syndet Noodles to this Derma Segment in India.

With in-house availability of key ingredients such as Amino Acid Surfactants, Isethionates and various other benefit yielding ingredients, Galaxy developed several grades of Syndet Noodles with varied benefits based on application studies and clinical tests.

Galaxy has conducted several studies comparing performance of normal Soaps and Syndets available in the market with the Syndets made from Galaxy's Syndet Noodles. It was found that the Syndets made from Galaxy's Syndet Noodles maintain the Skin conditions even over long usage, whereas the use of normal Soaps deteriorates the Skin conditions.

Galaxy's Syndet Noodles are helping several manufacturers in India and in the International market, to create premium Bathing Bars without spending much time on product development. Our varied offerings with differentiated benefits help them to launch innovative Syndets with specific benefits. Being a manufacturer of Isethionates adds to our strength in this wider offering. Galaxy provides end to end support to customers during the product development and beyond. Right from identifying the key stakeholders – suppliers, processing partners, etc.; developing customised formulations with our Syndet base to create unique marketing story for finished product; stability studies and performance evaluation of each of the formulations; processing trials and scale up; all time support for resolving processing issues, Galaxy team is always there with the customers to ensure Right First Time in all aspects.

Galaxy is furthering its technology of Syndets in to extended applications and new dimensions. With the trends of ‘More from Less’, ‘Value for Money Products’ and ‘Sustainable way of life’ we have developed range of products from Syndet Additives for preparing Cost Effective Combi Bars to Base for Shampoo Bars. Shampoo bars prove to be relatively sustainable- being an alternative to liquid shampoo, there is potential for significant reduction in use of plastics.

At present, Galaxy team is working closely with other well-known brands in India and abroad to promote differentiated Syndet Noodles. Our customers look at Galaxy as a one stop shop to create premium bathing bars for their product portfolio. This innovative offering of Syndet Noodles is yet another testimony of our mastery over Mild Surfactants, Formulation, Application Development and Engineering scale-up.

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