Fatty alcohol sulfates are primary anionic surfactants which provide excellent foaming and cleansing properties to personal care and home care consumer products.

Galaxy offers a wide range of these surfactants available in different salt forms (e.g. sodium salts, ammonium salts) and also in different carbon atoms chain length using sulfuric acid which boosts mass production after combining.

Ammonium lauryl fatty alcohol sulfate offers improved property and mildness. There are various grades of fatty alcohols available that are easily dispersed in water and come in different physical forms. These long chain fatty alcohols are also available in high purity.


Fatty alcohol ether sulfates derived from fatty acids have low skin irritation property, making them suitable for mild cleansing as well as baby products.

Galaxy's fatty alcohol ether sulfates come in low to high active versions, with 1 to 3 EO average chain. They are made from natural feed stocks and vary in their preservative systems.

These wax esters provide good foaming, wetting, and grease-cutting properties, making them useful for home care applications. So, whether you want to buy Fatty Alcohol Sulfate or Fatty Alcohol Ether Sulfate, connect with Galaxy Surfactants, your one-stop destination.

Fatty Alcohol Ether Sulfates
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