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We have been certified by Great Place to Work® Institute during 2017-18.

Galaxy gathers employee feedback through formal and informal channels. One of the most important one is our Galaxy Connect – Employee Engagement Survey, which provides an opportunity for individual employees to influence the company as a whole. Galaxy Connect Survey framework includes both Engagement as well as Culture Study to measure employees’ perceptions of Galaxy in the market, learning and development opportunities, and the connection between individuals’ and Galaxy’s objectives. Results also help measure the impact of employee-related programs, thereby providing critical feedback for ongoing initiatives and interventions. Our areas of strength consistently include Customer Focus, Continual Process Improvements, Leadership Communication and ample Learning Opportunities.

We are All Inclusive!
Work with a Diverse Team

Our work culture fosters diversity and equal opportunity. We are an equal opportunity employer and adhere to all statutory & regulatory norms. At Galaxy, we have people practices which does not discriminate on the basis of caste, religion, gender, nationality, age, sexual orientation or disability.

Galaxy Surfactants Ltd.’s Valuable 500 Commitment:

Galaxy Surfactants  is committed to including differently abled members of society in our world and integrating them into the business.We have committed ourselves to including 40 differently abled members within Galaxy by 2022.

U. Shekhar,Managing Director, Galaxy Surfactants Ltd.

Age Group
42%30 Years
31%31-50 Years
10%50 Years

Employee Wellness

Our Mission statement is, ‘To be a brand of Global Eminence through best-in-class value delivery by high quality people’. We believe that for us to enjoy a multifold growth every year, our people’s skills and competencies must be constantly cultivated – not just on technical or functional forefront, but on motivational grounds as well. Hence, training to enhance interpersonal relations, focus on work-life balance and improved quality of life form a part of tradition at Galaxy. With this ideology ingrained in the minds of our leaders, ensuring the overall well-being of our people forms a ritual imbibed in our culture. We have people-centric policies and practices at the heart of whatever we do.

Eat Smart
Move More
Know More

Galaxy Wellness Program

We, at Galaxy, realize that Wellness is not a sojourn but a way of life in building a sustainable workforce for the future. Our corporate wellness program ‘#MyHealthMyChoice’ has a vision ‘to create a workplace environment that encourages & supports employees in making healthy choices at work and beyond’.

We have many engagement activities going on round the year, to boost the morale of our employees to move towards better health and fitness levels. Under the wellness umbrella, we focus on our Four Pillars – Eat Smart, Move More, Nirvana (Mental Wellness) and Know More. The first two Pillars focus on eating right and healthy and exercising habitually for better physical health. The third Pillar, Nirvana (Sanskrit word for ultimate state of blissfulness, final goal of Buddhism) focuses on not denying the importance of good mental health for overall well-being. Whereas, the fourth Pillar “Know More’ stresses on keeping the mind horizons open to welcome new thoughts that would help us enhance our overall well-being.

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