Syndet Bars & TBB

Galaxy Syndets Bars and Galaxy TBB bear testimony to Galaxy's mastery in Surfactant Chemistry, Technology and Formulation/Application Development.They are truly innovative examples of Engineering the Art of Chemistry.

Galaxy Syndets Bars are bathing bar bases, supplied in the form of noodles, for preparation of soap free 'Skin to Neutral pH' syndet bathing bars as well as Combo bathing bars.

Galaxy has several grades of Syndet Noodles with differentiated benefits, concluded with application studies and in-house clinical tests. Galaxy Syndets Bars are 'Ready-to-Use' bases and can also be processed on conventional Soap manufacturing set-up.

Thus, it enables Soap and other Bathing bar manufacturers to create premium, innovative, and customized products without spending much time on product development.

syndet noodles
Mr. Chintan Vora(Home Care, Syndet TBB and Blends)
Mrs. Vaishali Jumde(Application and Tech Support: Home Care)
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