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Galguard Range

Preservation is an essential component of personal care products since most of them afford nutrient and moisture-rich environment that is conducive to the growth of microbes. As such, preservatives are not only added to protect the product from spoilage and inadvertent contamination but also to protect the consumer.

Currently most of the workhorse preservatives available in the market are under toxicity scanner and are implicated with serious toxicity issue ranging from irritation, allergies, neurotoxicity, to carcinogenicity to human beings. Some of them are extremely bad for ecology too and globally, the trend is to move away from harmful ingredients and potential carcinogens like Parabens, DMDM Hydantoin, Urea and Formaldehyde releasers, and Isothiazolinones to safer, non-toxic, and non-controversial alternatives.

Hence there is a need for safe, non-toxic and cost-effective preservative systems to cater to the preservation needs of the personal care industry. In view of this universal problem of the limited arsenal of antimicrobials that are not implicated with serious toxicity issues, Galaxy has started focusing on non-toxic preservation and come up with the Galguard range of preservatives.

Galguard range contains Galguard Tetra and Galguard Trident S as broad-spectrum, safe and near to natural preservation system for personal as well as home care products.

Features of
Broad Spectrum
Natural Way of
Safe & Non-Toxic
Ease of Use
Identify preservatives that best suit your specific needs for Home Care and Personal Care applications
  • Galaxy P5, 10..
  • Galguard Trident S
  • Galguard Tetra
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