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Approximately 525,000 children die every year from diarrheal diseases due to not washing their hands regularly, making it one of the top killers of children globally. The simple act of washing hands can save lives. Hand hygiene has a direct relation to good health. Not washing hands frequently increases the chances of bacterial or viral infection when one unintentionally touches their eyes and mouth multiple times each day.

Galaxy Surfactants Ltd. believes ensuring hygiene is the first step to having a healthy body and mind. Ensuring we wash our hands regularly is the first step. In most situations washing hands using a hand wash is the best practice.

The presence of the COVID-19 virus has made the importance of hand washing clear to every household. It is imperative that as the need arises, the technology must adapt to fulfill them. Hand washes can do their bit in today’s climate by their availability in different formats such as Powder Formats - Hand Washes to ensure a sustainable future, Foam Based to give you the rich foamy experience, Galaxy Luxe - luxurious and one for all, adults to babies and an Easy to make format - one for the go which can be made in just 2 minutes!

Galaxy Easy-to-Make Hand wash

What if someone told you that, you could be the owner of a handwash brand, without the hassle of maintaining separate inventories of the various ingredients while not compromising on quality?

Galaxy Surfactants Ltd has been present in most of the personal care rinsing solutions for over 40 years. Not only have we mastered the art of manufacturing surfactants that catering to a variety of customer needs, but we have also understood what works best with consumers.

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Galaxy Hand Foam

A 30-second hand wash can use up to 2 litres of water or 4 litres if the tap is on while scrubbing. Hand washes in the foam format can change these numbers for the better. Foam is associated with ‘cleaning’ for most consumers. Hand wash foam is luxurious, mild, has good sensorial properties, is soap and water-efficient.

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Galaxy Luxe Hand wash

A hand wash so mild – that parents trust it with their babies. A 100% natural hand wash is suitable for a baby’s skin which is very sensitive to the overall traditional cleaning ecosystem that most of the hand washes provide.

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Galaxy Powder Hand wash

Normal hand washes are made of 70% water, transporting bottles of hand washes from the factory to your homes takes up an alarming percentage of fuel. What if there was a way to save fuel as well as preserve the 70% water that is being transported to customers in the form of hand washes? Galaxy’s powder hand wash format is a wiser choice for the future.

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Hand wash as a service

No one could have foreseen a pandemic and chances are that there will be very few ways to know how to handle a global health crisis in the future. Vaccines take years to develop and even more, time to be distributed to the people, till then prevention is the main goal. Hand washes soaps and other disinfectants are not only just the usual extensions of personal care brands, that are a necessity.

At such times of emergencies, hand washes are not only another personal care brand extension, they become a necessity. Galaxy Surfactants Ltd in collaboration with our customer carried out one such distribution campaign during the pandemic. You can watch our journey below.

Should we wash our hands for 30 or 60 seconds? How should we wash them? Is it ideal to dilute the hand wash? There are many small details we miss out on when it comes to something seemingly trivial as washing hands, but since it can mean life or death, it’s better to spare a few minutes of the day and learn the right way to do it.

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