Galsoft GLI 21

Today consumers and formulators are demanding milder, safer and gentler products, which can be formulated with ease. We at Galaxy, using our expertise and experience, blend Science with creativity to impart these benefits through our innovative products.

One such innovation is our latest product Galsoft GLI 21 which combines our mild surfactants using our patented ‘green technology’ to yield a path-breaking product.

Galsoft GLI-21 provides an exceptionally rich lather with superior mildness in a clear formulation at Skin pH. Uniqueness at Skin PH – a rarity, and there lies the innovative magic!

Galsoft GLI-21 is super-mild to the Skin; maintains the hydration level of Skin and provides transparent formulation at Skin pH.

Galsoft GLI 21 is liquid carrier of Acyl Isethionate; high active and easy to process.  It is a multi-application product which is ideal for cleansers (including sensitive Skin), baby care, medical conditions like eczema or psoriasis, Anti-acne formulations and Feminine hygiene.

Galsoft GLI 21 provides high foam volume and quality due to a synergistic combination of Acyl Isethionate and Acyl Glutamate, which cannot be achieved through the physical blending of these products.

A mixture of art science and technology – truly a world-class product for our customers!

Galsoft GLI is based on 4D model which provides specifics benefit for........





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