Mild Surfactants

Mild cleansing is one of the growing needs in personal cleansing industry. Cleansing technology has come a long way from "cleansing only" concept to one that includes other benefits such as mildness, moisturization, etc. Mild Cleansing is nothing but cleansing without disturbing the biological function of stratum corneum, the uppermost layer of skin. Galaxy's Mild Amino Acid Technology is the ultimate step towards mild cleansing. These surfactants have enabled in developing cleansers with significantly reduced drying and damaging potential and truly emerged as moisturizing mild surfactants.

  • AMINO ACID BASED SURFACTANTS - Glycinates, Sarcosinates, Taurates, Glutamates.
amino acid based surfactants
Mr. Chintan Vora(Mild Surfactants and Sunscreens)
Mrs. Pooja Vaidya(Application and Tech Support: Personal Care)
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