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From the Boardroom

Dear Galaxite,

The Purpose of our business is to create value for customers and delight them through service & innovation, grow with them and the objective is Profits. Profits for us is profits for growth i.e. sustainable profits that feeds and be fed by growth.

Creating a sustainable and winning business lays a huge emphasis on:

  • Growing share with existing customers
  • Creating new customers
  • Conquering new markets
  • Innovate to continuously improve and create new value drivers

At Galaxy, we seek to achieve this through the four fundamental pillars - Character, Competence, Competitiveness and Comfort.

Character is who we are and reflects our being, values and culture. At Galaxy, our passion and morale makes us distinctive. We have been known for keeping our promises and consistently delivering them on time. Customers expect congruence in their ideology and vision with that of ours. Character lies in how we take the custodianship of our customers brand and how we take the charge of their product quality reaching the mark of excellence. Our Character is embodied in our working ethos of Respect and Valuing People, Conducting Business with Integrity, Imagining and Envisioning, Innovation, Creating Value for Customers, Efficiency and Continuous Improvement.

Competence is embodied in our ability to scale up, innovate, provide solutions and bring paradigm shifts. In this VUCA world, the constantly changing consumer trends pose challenges and create opportunities on a constant basis. Sterling competence lies not only in converting these ideas and needs into product offerings, but also at the speed of execution enabled by the capabilities of our people in terms of quality, consistency and safety parameters.

Competitive advantage is understood as an advantage which the competitor does not have. Competitiveness for us is delivering a package which results in lower costs to our customers & enable them to deliver superior and faster products and solutions to their consumers. Our future growth relies in Competitiveness, Innovation, Skills & Productivity and these in turn rely on multi dimensioning of our people force.

Comfort is all about ‘fill it and forget it’. It is the faith which we create in our customers. The faith that we can deliver on our promises without follow-ups. It is the reassurance that our customers experience from our consistently good performance. It can only be assured when we believe in providing best-in-class value quality and delivery.

The 4Cs is the foundation of our business and is our Core Philosophy.

These 4 C's are closely woven together to achieve best-in-class delivery of Products and Services by high quality people. The house of Galaxy needs all these four pillars as strong foundation to stand strong, stable and sustainable and keep on growing perpetually!

Managing Director