Galaxy is Going Places!

November 9,2011 is a historic day for Galaxy. We commissioned our Egypt manufacturing plant, signalling our arrival of "Galaxy Going Places" in the Surfactant world. As we expand into continents, we create new chemistries with our customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders, the world over. In that process, we discover our own potential and come face to face with our inner orbits of excellence. Proof of this is our achievement of a whopping Sales of Rs 100 Crores every month in the last quarter. We are living the dream we envisioned a few years back.

We not only pioneer into unchartered territory, but we also integrate and collaborate. The cross-cultural intercontinental integration that Galaxy is catalyzing each day is mesmerizing. A visible embodiment of this was the movement of the leadership team from India to Egypt in the month of August, the training of our Egyptian team members in India from April to June and visit of TRI-Kites to India in January.We are learning from each other and uncovering our own strengths singly and together - we are realizing our own people energy and powers.

Things are looking great in the USA as well. Our Protein manufacturing facility in New Hampshire has made tremendous strides in safety (553 days since lost time due to injury) and efficiency. "Passionate about Proteins" is our mantra in North America. Globally, it is going to define us and our growth. We have moved into our new base in Denville, New Jersey. The new facility doubles our office space. Our R&D wing will quadruple in size and will be the pride and joy of our New Jersey facility. We are extremely pleased and excited with this development.

With immense growth and power, comes an immense responsibility. Martin Luther King once said, "The time is always right to do what is right." As our Company grows to 1000 people and spreads its wings, our society looks up to us with expectations. That can be as humbling as it can be energizing. We have to do the right thing in the society that we live in and that has done so much for us.

The Galaxy brand is known today for the way it keeps its word, for the way it delights its customers and honours its employees. While these are impeccable values to standby, let us not forget that we need to do better than our best. New growth and new expansions for our Company will come from the way we deliver our corporate social responsibilities. Let us each take a pledge to give back to society. Even if it is in a small way, it will make a difference. A difference to the brand that we love and belong to, even as it makes a difference to the world we live in. We will become even stronger when we venture into new world and pioneer new patented products in the coming years. As we create new chemical equations, grow innovative symmetries and discover creative synergies, we will become masters of talents that we did not know we had. Of course, an exciting future is staring at us! Our vision of Destination 1000 (US$ 1 Billion in GSL) and Destination 100 (US$ 100 Million in TRI-K) is the goal we cherish.

Let's get Inspired! Let's continue to be Passionate! Let's seek Excellence in whatever we do!

Sincerely /-
Subhas Sen
President TRI-K