he Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we function - perhaps indefinitely. Fortunately, the world was better prepared concerning the technical aspects of remote working. However, along with being technically ready, organizations need to be culturally and emotionally prepared. Only those who could do that stood out.

The culture of an organization is steered by purpose and values. Winning culture relies heavily on individual and team attributes of collaboration, innovation, agility, and integrity. During a crisis, culture is put to the test. How each and every employee of the organization has closely knitted with the organization's purpose and ethos? How culture has created the bond, and how it has built up individual ownership? Many of these questions' positive answer defines the successful navigation of such an unprecedented and unpredictable event.

It is essential to have a culture where people thrive and enjoy their growth journey, a rare phenomenon at workplaces. It takes numerous years to develop and sustain a great culture. It is one of the crucial roles of leaders to always observe and sense the organization's culture and ethos and sustain it.

Best of the strategy and worst of the crisis can only be managed well if you have a winning and thriving culture where people sense intense belongingness, pride, and growth.
Even the best technology and infrastructure don't make much difference if you don't have a great culture because culture retains talents.

All our lives, we have been oriented towards connecting, communicating, and collaborating with one another to thrive in harmony. Companies will reorient how workplaces will exist to the extent that people shan't face one another and may have demarcated boundaries. A lot more physical distancing shall be observed, but this shouldn't lead to less socializing and connecting with another emotionally.

Workspace and personal lives have become so interlaced that it becomes essential to have more planning and demands greater personal responsibility.

Thriving within these boundaries shall need us to strike a healthy balance between physical, emotional, and societal wellbeing. We do not know when we shall next have those impromptu casual conversations at the workplace, seeing and meeting cross-functional colleagues in gatherings. This sense of community and connection is what shall be most missed.

We have derived strength in our culture and ethos during these testing times to navigate successfully. We also see that, as the digital connectivity quotient has gone up, we can connect with employees and even globally more than ever, and this has resulted in bringing about more inclusivity in the way we function.

Organizational culture is the secret ingredient that defines who we are and vital to building a sense of belongingness, trust, camaraderie, compassion, and pride.

Nurturing a thriving culture where each employee senses intense devotedness, pride in their association, and a high ownership level is not easy. However, a quick fix is if organization leaders spend quality time and energy shaping and sustaining a 'thriving culture.' It pays in a big way in converting organizations into institutions.

This is the time to reconnect with your purpose and values. And when this crisis shall pass, we all will look at it with pride at how we as an organization have responded. The culture was always the Key, but it matters now more than ever. It is an excellent time for organizations to reassure individuals by keeping consistency in organizations actions and behaviors and being perceptually correct.

Galaxy of numerous stars continuously and consistently ensures "People Care and People Building' ethos of the People Energy Process is taken care of and nurtured continually.

We believe that organizations can grow only by ensuring the wellbeing of their people at all times.

- Written by

Vinod Singh, Head People Energy Process
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