Report of Trust is a podcast series by Galaxy Surfactants Ltd. focusing on Sustainability Reporting. Galaxy’s sustainability journey began in 2010-11, and this year Galaxy celebrates its 10th Sustainability Report. Through this podcast series, Galaxy aims to add value to all its stakeholders by inspiring and encouraging business owners, CXO’s and sustainability professionals to start their own sustainability reporting journey.

The first episode of this series is a discussion with Mr. K. Natarajan, Executive Board Member and COO of Galaxy Surfactants as he talks about Sustainability Reporting and its benefits. “Sustainability has to be at the core of the business.” said Mr. K. Natarajan.

Today’s consumer strongly believes in ethical living. The global economy and GDP growth have an increased demand for products that are not only safe for their bodies, while at the same time focusing on nature conservation.

The podcast is a conversation around how organizations should prioritize sustainability to achieve business growth while keeping a low ecological footprint. It also talks about how a company should aim to decouple economic growth from ecological and social issues while creating positive value for all its partners, stakeholders, and the society at large. The podcast goes on to emphasise on the importance of top management to work as a syndicate in supporting this system.

“Get awareness built within the organization. Get clear in terms of the way of the sustainability journey, set the agenda, set the journey in motion; It’s important that what starts as an initiative should transform itself into a movement.”

– Mr. K. Natarajan

Listen to the complete podcast below as Mr. K. Natarajan shares his valuable insights, experiences and learning on Galaxy’s sustainability reporting journey.

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