In the fourth episode of the podcast series ‘Report of Trust’, Mr. Pravin Jadhav, a sustainability and climate change expert with nearly two decades of experience, discussed the sustainability reporting methodologies and the basic logistical things that one has to go through when they're starting their sustainability reporting journey.

The material topics, importance of cooperation of all stakeholders and the risks involved in it are discussed in this episode. “In recent years, numerous benchmarks, including the rating agencies, have expanded their services in India for reporting. Therefore, GRI reporting has become a thumb rule for beginners. Many reporters’ initial concerns center on the data that must be presented”, he said.

Mr. Pravin also asserted the importance of data standardization and the content accountable for its disclosure to maintain transparency. He also emphasized the importance of having short and long-term goals and reporting on what you want to convey.

“Even if you are not going to tell your story, the world is not going to stop, and they are going to make opinions about you. So, a sustainability report is a great tool to tell your story.”

– Mr. Pravin Jadhav

Stay tuned as Mr. Pravin Jadhav discusses his experience in sustainability reporting and more about the reporting structure in the fourth episode of ‘Report of Trust.’

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