Liquid Dish washes have gained prominence over the years as a necessity in households, with consumers of all income groups. Advanced liquid dishwashes comprise come-of-age dishwashing ingredients that are sustainable and milder than traditional surfactants. But their functionality is often doubtful to the value-conscious consumer.

What are the qualities of an ideal dishwashing liquid?
The Ideal dishwash product provides a good amount of foam; because of consumer’s perception about ‘cleaning’ stemming from its presence. Consumers also are looking for sustainable products that are able to perform while still offering value for money.

Qualities of an Ideal Dishwash Liquid Dish wash Formulations
with Standard Primary surfactants
Liquid Dish wash Formulations
with Galaxy Hearth
Provides Cleaning
Foam Generated
No. of dishes washed per unit dishwash liquid used
Value for money
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