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Life Cycle Assessment

By 2020, Galaxy will achieve environmentally sound management framework for products and all wastes throughout their life cycle of products, in accordance with agreed international frameworks. Galaxy will complete Life cycle assessment of 40 products by 2020.

Life Cycle approach provides a framework and methods for identifying and evaluating environmental impacts associated with the complete life cycle of products, i.e. from the product’s raw material extraction to the disposal after useful life of the product. Galaxy Surfactants has started evaluating its products with Life Cycle Perspective using GaBi Tool.

The engagement objective is also to evaluate environmental impacts associated with the value chain of manufacturing. This is achieved through conducting the ‘Life Cycle Assessment’ as per ISO 14040/44 standard from cradle to gate approach to evaluate the various environmental performance indicators such as primary energy demand, product carbon footprint, human toxicity, eco-toxicity, air emissions, effluent discharge and waste generation in a holistic manner using the GaBi software. The study is initiated with the support of ThinkStep Sustainability Solutions Pvt. Limited (100% subsidiary of ThinkStep AG, Germany) leveraging their experience of more than 4000 projects in the field of Environmental and Sustainability Strategy, Management, Monitoring, Review and Reporting, Life Cycle Assessment Studies, and Product Innovations.

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