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Deeper understanding and insights on challenges of preservation of personal care products have resulted in development of Galguard Trident, a specialised blend that is free of toxic antimicrobials. Galshield UVcare, an optimised sunscreen blend was successfully launched in FY 2015-16 enabling ease of processing for our customers. Galaxy has introduced “cold process” blend for ease of its use in formulation, reduction of heating time and increasing throughput for our customer. Galaxy also introduced various blends and sulfate-free products in its portfolio that reduced energy consumption and health concerns for our customers. New sustainable product launches include “Galsoft SCGL” manufactured based on our patented nontoxic proprietary catalyst and on Green Chemistry Principles. We have successfully developed and launched Sulfate Free, Mild Surfactants based Transparent Bathing Bar “Galaxy SN 960 SF” and “Galaxy SN 967 SF” for both international and domestic market.

Our Sodium Lauryl Sulfate range of products has ECOCERT attestation. ECOCERT, a voluntary certification system, ensures that a product is natural and environmentally-friendly throughout its life cycle and satisfies the minimum threshold of natural and organic ingredients. It thoroughly analyses the complete production process of a product, beginning with the sourcing of its raw materials, the manufacturing process, and the final finished product and its packaging.

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