Climate Change

Proactive Efforts.
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Climate Change
By 2020, our goal is to reduce energy intensity by 50% with respect to base year 2011-12 by improving energy efficiency increase the share of renewable energy by 10% with respect to base year 2015-16 reduce organizational Greenhouse gas emission constituting of scope 1 and 2 by 35% with 2012-13 as baseline year and to plant 25000 trees.

GHG emission accounting and reduction is integral part of our long-term agenda towards sustainability and climate change mitigation. Taking ahead GHG emissions accounting and reporting process which is committed since FY 2011-12, Galaxy has achieved milestone of attaining its 1st external verification statement for Indian facilities by third party based on ISO 14064-1 standard in 2015. Several energy conservation themes and projects are executed which have resulted in reduction of power consumption, fuel consumption and improved energy efficiency.

Galaxy is continuously improving its sustainability performance through various supplier sustainability programs and disclosure platforms like Carbon Disclosure Project – Climate Change and Water.

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