Proactive Efforts.
Responsible Actions
By 2020, Galaxy will reduce packaging waste generation by 10% with respect to base year 2011-12 through prevention, reduction, recycling and reuse of raw material packaging.

Waste management is done through regular measurement and monitoring of waste generated.

At Galaxy Surfactants, we classify waste mainly as Hazardous and non-Hazardous waste. Our efforts include reducing waste at the point of generation, re-using it for different processes, and proper disposal through relevant channels. World-class practices such as TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) is adopted at our manufacturing sites over several years. We encourage our employees, operators to share new ideas and look forward for alternative options of reducing, recycling and reusing wastes. To inculcate waste management as a culture, we have established programmes like “Waste Elimination Suggestion Award Program (WESAP)” and Galaxy Manufacturing Excellence Award (GMEA).

Effluent Treatment:

We have effluent treatment units at manufacturing sites to ensure the quality of effluent water discharged is well within the limits as per the regulatory norms. Thus the final effluent water is treated and disposed to Common Effluent Treatment Plants.

Air Emissions:

We are committed to keep our emissions below statutory norms while focusing on continuously improving our systems. For our manufacturing sites in India and Egypt, we measure and monitor SOx, NOx, PM (Particulate Matter) and Acid Mist emissions on a regular basis.

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