Proactive Efforts.
Responsible Actions
By 2020, Galaxy Surfactants will reduce water intensity by 80% with respect to base year 2011-2012.

Water management has been a high priority area for Galaxy Surfactants. We are continuously mapping water consumption and reducing it. Some of the key interventions and projects on water conservation are driven with focuses cross-functional efforts to reduce the water demand and in making operations more water efficient.

With the majority of our operations in India, long-term water availability is a challenge which we foresee and we are assessing and addressing this issue. We are aiming to create a scenario for self- sufficiency in water and its associated risks, mapping various factors and considerations. This approach is helping us in prioritization of actions towards being water positive in the future.

Our efforts in water management have helped us to achieve a score of Management B, as part of the Water Disclosure Project (WDP) 2016.

Galaxy Surfactants has undertaken several water conservation programme using recycling techniques and rainwater harvesting facilities. Galaxy Surfactants continues its effort on rainwater harvesting at manufacturing locations in India.

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